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Mariette isn’t just a beautiful French girls' name, it means, “LITTLE REBEL.”

This Bordeaux booze stands out & does things differently to bring you the best taste for less.

Sweet floral tones perfume the air, a light arc of melon and candied lemon follows. On the palate, the lovely petals of lavender and night jasmine seem to melt into a round, billowy texture.

The Tasting Panel Magazine

It wasn’t until I tried French-made Vodka Mariette that I can say, “I actually like vodka” and mean it :)


One of the most pristine I’ve had in quite awhile. On the palate, again it’s very clean with just a bit of sweet cream on the body. From there, a little vanilla and a hint of lime zest are really the only notes that manage to push through an otherwise shockingly neutral experience.