Fighting Catcalls with Vodka

It's getting warmer out and you know what that means... Flowers blossoming. Outdoor brunch. Beach trips. And the not so subtle suggestions to 'smile'.

Thought we'd spend this blog post reminiscing about a campaign that made us proud, and plan to perform more like it.

According to the non profit Stop Street Harassment, 65% of all women and 25% of men have experienced offensive behavior in public ranging from sexual to xenophobic in nature and as a result the hot topic has received a significant amount of media spotlight. It's about time that society begins to observe and solve gender respect issues. Since Mariette means 'little rebel' we decided to jump right in!

So we at Vodka Mariette decided to implement a new requirement to all our truck drivers who deliver this delicious French spirit. They will each signed an oath to never be engaged in street harassment, or 'catcalling', of any individual at any time whether on or off duty. Considering our drivers were hired due to their stellar character in the first place, and seeing their enthusiasm in this program, we are confident that they have never been a part of street harassment issues. However, they recognize that stepping forward, as the members of the supply chain who are consistently mobile, to help end this problem is a bold statement coming from a part of the team that is usually behind the scenes. They're addressing the cause, rather than the often seen victim-shaming, without fear of being considered responsible. That said, it was so exciting to finally provide an opportunity for this essential element of our venture to contribute to the brand and personally show that our reverence for hospitality goes beyond the confines of the bar or restaurant. Such is our credo as a delivery-oriented, imbibing experience. This initiative was made possible by the cooperation of our distributors who were equally passionate about ensuring our fans are treated with respect. 

The following is the exact wording of the unique 'Drivers of Change Oath' that was signed. It is kept public in the hopes other brands will follow suit. "I, the undersigned, agree to never be engaged in behavior considered ‘street harassment’ or ‘catcalling’ towards any individual at any time. Such actions are defined as, “unwanted comments, gestures, and actions forced on a stranger in a public place without their consent and is directed at them because of their actual or perceived sex, gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation”. I understand that signing below is purely a good gesture moving forward and is in no way an admission of prior poor conduct." Ultimately, we hope seeing other average individuals step forward will raise awareness to the issue, and set an example of proper conduct for would-be perpetrators. It is also our intentions to set an example of addressing the core issue, rather than the victim.

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*Pictured Museum of Sex Curator, Vodka Mariette x MoS Soirée