La Chevelure

O fleecy hair, falling in curls to the shoulders!
O curls! O perfume laden with nonchalance!
[adblock]Ecstasy! To fill the dark alcove tonight
With memories sleeping in that thick head of hair.
I want to shake it in the air like a handkerchief!
Languorous Asia and burning Africa,
A whole far away world, absent, almost extinct,
Dwells in your depths, aromatic forest!
While other spirits sail along on music,
Mine, O my love! floats upon your perfume.
I shall go there, where trees and men, full of vigor,
Faint of pleasure in the heat of the climate;
Heady tresses be the billows that carry me away!
You hold, ebony sea, a dazzling dream
Of rigging, of rowers, of flames and masts:
A resounding harbor where my soul can drink
In great draughts the perfume, the sound and the color;
Where the vessels gliding through the gold and the moire
Open their vast arms to embrace the glory
Of a clear sky shimmering with everlasting heat.
I shall bury my head enamored with rapture
In this black ocean where the other is imprisoned;
And my subtle spirit caressed by the sway
Will know how to find you, O fruitful laziness,
Endless lulling of scented leisure!
Blue hair, pavilion hung with shadows,
You give back to me the blue of the vast round sky;
In the downy edges of your twisted locks
I ardently get drunk with the mingled odors
Of oil of coconut, of musk and tar.
For a long time! Forever! my hand in your heavy mane
Will scatter the ruby, the pearl and the sapphire
So that to my desire you will never be deaf!
Aren’t you the oasis where I dream, the gourd
where I inhale in great draughts the wine of memory?
*Photo taken at Vodka Mariette x B+ Foundation Gala in New York, NY