Subscriptions Save Focus

Shopping online is something we all do, and convenience is one of the top reasons why. So automating our purchases, and increasing convenience, is the natural next step in the e-commerce evolution. As the subscription market has grown by more than 100% a year over the past five years (according to Mckinsey), we are witnessing this e-commerce progression right before our very eyes.

But WHY is convenience so important? Because it lets us keep a crucial element to a fulfilled life that we can never get back: FOCUS & TIME.

Living in the information age can wreak havoc on our focus and time. Endless media sources fight for our attention. Endless product options cause decision fatigue. And our involvement in all of this steals time that could be spent engaged in productive and fulfilling activities.

As such, too often buying our favorite spirits requires more time and energy than is spent actually enjoying them. 

Purchasing anything other than the corporate brands can include searching for and going to a store that both carries the product and actually has it in stock. If we must pick an alternative, there's a wall of options that all look the same. Ordering online is a bit more convenient, but comes with expensive and lengthy delivery. Either way, we'll have to pay the retail upcharge... Now, that doesn't sound like the experience we want for our loyal imbibers. 

This is why we put our thinking caps on, got 'techy' and introduced a way to not squander focus & time on purchasing. Our unique, digitally native vodka experience offers online purchasing (including super convenient subscriptions) that removes middlemen to provide the best vodka at the right price with free & fast delivery. Vodka Mariette is simply where you need it, when you need it, without obsessing over it. Now you can focus on what makes you happy and spend time imbibing with the fam or being a badass entrepreneur.

We value EXPERIENCE as well as quality. Learn more at

*Photo of Vodka Mariette 'step & repeat' at NYFW Bloggers Soirée