Meet Andrea Lorde & Leila Bazzani, of Volk Men

Tell us a bit about yourselves...

Andrea: I’m currently a Senior Barber at Fellow Barber in Soho and have been living in Brooklyn NY for nearly 10 years now. Right now I’m kind of obsessed with this new Artist at Parsons and buying upcoming art.

Leila: I’m from California, now in NYC, smart design and functionality is everything.I appreciate great design from a simple coin purse to an architectural building. 

What's the venture? Is it your first one?

Inspired by men's style and created by two women (us), Volk Men is a fashion line that brings a rugged refinement to men's grooming, clothing & accessories. We arrived at this concept after both having previously owned companies in the fashion business.

How long were you thinking about starting it? What was the final push to go for it? 

Andrea: We both had been thinking about a men’s bag company before meeting for the first time. I came to Leila’s studio one day in Brooklyn hoping she would make a pattern and sample for a tote bag. After hearing some of her suggestions, we realized we had the same vision. Then came Volk Men. This was a year ago.

Where do you find inspiration for the designs? 

Leila: I find a lot of inspiration in the detailing and craftsmanship of vintage garments and accessories.

Andrea: The everyday guy sitting in my chair getting a haircut.

How do you move things forward when dealing with frustrating details and setbacks like manufacturing problems?

Andrea: After you first find out what went wrong, with grace and patience you find the solution. Sometimes we have to think outside the box. I try to tell myself its not always about finishing first but about making the product right.  There’s a sense of accomplishment that just feels good when you solve an issue.

What are your feelings on Puka shell wear?

Oh gee. my brother wears it! But he lives in Hawaii…

Do you have a favorite part of running the business?

Andrea: I love creative process of concept, strategy and making an idea a reality.

Leila: Designing and construction

Any advice for women looking to start their own brand?

It’s not for the faint of heart!

Who is your favorite designer?


Favorite quote?

The grass gets greener when you water it – Oscar Wilde

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