Meet Erika Wasser, of Glam & Go

How shall we describe Erika Wasser? In a word, FABULOUS. Erika was born and raised in New York City and at 18 went on to study at Boston University. All along the way, she's exhibited an unrivaled class of wit, sass and eloquence. Since graduating she's tapped into her character and creativity to bring life to a number of exciting projects. An online home decorating and design show. A career in stand-up comedy. And even a show on HGTV (coming soon!). 

But we're here particularly to honor her innovative venture, Glam & Go. For many women, the most convenient time to hit the gym is mid-day or during a lunch break from being a rebel. The only issue is how to then go back into the world without looking all sweaty and blech. Don't cut that workout short, go at a bad time or simply not at all. Instead, post-workout, go to the locker room DRY BAR. Glam & Go is popping up in upscale gyms across Manhattan and Miami.

A great lesson to learn from Erika is first to be true to yourself and play to your strengths. She knew her talents and pursed a career showcasing them no matter the odds. Also very important, remember to be self-aware in order to identify little inconveniences in life. That is where opportunity lies...

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