Meet Jennifer Hing, of G Of G Staffing Inc

What's G of G?

We are a staffing agency based out of Toronto and now we have expanded to NYC. We staff over 5000+ promotional models, brand ambassadors and spokes models across the USA and Canada.

Do you have a background in this industry? How did you arrive at this idea?

Yes I do. I wanted to be a lawyer actually! But my Dad hated lawyers (he was a dentist). So when I went to to university I took a bunch of law courses, but didn't enjoy them as much as I thought. At the time I was doing promotions and working bottle service. It kind of just fell into my lap. I thought, why don't I start hiring models and then when I get requested and can't work – I can book them and make a little side money. It kind of snowballed from there.

Is there something about the business that is much more difficult than you anticipated?

Everything! No but seriously, I thought that everyone would be reliable and professional as you are to them. But it is unfortunately not true. I have struggled and learned a lot over the years about myself, the industry and people in general. It's ok to let go of the control and let other people help you. It is the only way you will succeed and grow.

Do you have a favorite part of running the business?

I get to met a lot of cool people, go to cool events and I have got to travel a lot for work. As far as Greece!

Any funny stories?

Haha too many to mention. When dealing with 100s of staff funny things are bound to happen. I wouldn't even be able to name my top 5.

What would you tell women looking to start their own business?

Go for it. It's hard, and I have struggled a lot throughout the years. But it is so rewarding in the end. When you can step back and look at something and be like “I did that, I built that!”

Who inspires you?

My Mom. She is so awesome. She is such a strong woman and has worked so hard all her life whether it was in her career or being a Mom or struggling with her MS. She has suffered from MS since she was in her 20s and she is such an inspiration to all of those around her. She get's up everyday with a fresh outlook on life.

Has running a business affected your personal life in some way?

Absolutely. Especially now that I split my time between NYC and Toronto. I miss out on a lot of social things, and sleeping in my own bed haha. No but on a serious note, it has definitely put strain on past relationships that didn't end up working out. That's ok – they weren't meant to be! It's hard for some men to date women that have such a passion for their career and to always come second to their job. Lucky I don't have that problem with relationships anymore. It is important to find friends, family and a significant other that will support you no matter what. My job is 24/7. It doesn't stop when I leave the office and it is definitely not a 9-5. I am on call whenever I have events going on. So there is a lot of times I don't get to fully enjoy my “free time” because it is not really free time.

Favorite quote?

“Pizza is the only love triangle I ever want”

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