Meet Kinesha Goldson, of Cameo Macaron

Tell us about Cameo Macaron!

Cameo Macaron was my escape from a job that was making me very unhappy. I pride myself in being able to recognize dead ends in life and seeking an alternate route. I quit my job and pursued my dream of bringing French macarons, that I fell in love with while studying abroad in Paris, to Boston.

Was it tough to get started?

Starting the truck was my first business and a huge gamble. I had no income and used my savings and help from friends and family to get things going. The permitting process was a nightmare but having an attorney for a boyfriend definitely made things easier. 

What is something you wish you knew before going into it?

That entrepreneurship is addictive! Once you have one success you're constantly thinking up your next venture. It can be exhausting but it's a great feeling to know that you've been successful and can do it again.

Any funny Macaron anecdotes?

A really well-known French chef in Boston walked up to my food truck during a festival and tried to tell me that I spelled macaron wrong on my truck --in front of a line full of customers. He was clearly wrong but it was fun teach him the macaron vs. macaroon lesson aloud in front of about 50 people. I later tweeted him to drill the point home that I was right. 

What is your vision for Cameo Macaron? Yourself?

I always have a hard time answering this question because I feel like I'm letting people down but I don't think Cameo is a long-term project for me. I still have B-school in the near future (I turned down a scholarship at D'Amore McKim to compete in Miss Universe Jamaica) and exciting new ventures in the works .

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs just starting out?

Trust your gut and never take the first quote. There's always a cheaper and more efficient way to get the job done. 

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