Being funny isn't about being outrageous. It's about having the courage to be your unique self.

A perfect example is our rebel, Remy Kassimir. As an actress and comedian, she is bold (and hilarious). As the creator of a podcast called 'How Cum' that is dedicated to achieving the female orgasm, she's a bold all star. At 28 years old she had never had an orgasm- never. She started this podcast to help herself and all women figure out: How Cum?! with the help of the most interesting people. 

Most people don't start out bold. 

"I was shy and quiet for most of my life, to the point that once in fifth grade everyone went around and wrote nice things about people in class and the only thing people wrote for me was, 'she's quiet.' It offended me because I knew that I had things to say but students were supposed to be quiet, so I was."



"It really wasn't until I started taking leadership roles in things where it was my job to be outspoken that things changed. Stand up comedy most specifically helped me find my voice and be a more confident outspoken person." ...It must be working. Look at Remy telling this crowd what's what.

You know asking Ariana Madix (Vanderpump Rules) about her vagina and Corinne Olympios (The Bachelor) about masturbating, was not in Remy's comfort zone at first...

"Everything I've done seemed crazy at one point- I started a podcast about the FEMALE ORGASM, when there were zero out there about it. I felt insane and definitely provocative"



How has this worked out? Well, Remy has been featured in everything from Cosmopolitan to Vox to Netflix.

"The only 'negative results' if I can even call them that is people constantly depending on me for more information and advice for their own lives. But Spiderman's uncle said it best; with great power comes great responsibility!...but looking back I think, 'thank god I did this, I probably should've started earlier!'"

So why is being bold EVERYTHING? Because when you develop the courage to be yourself in one area of your life, it's also reflected in all others. And when you can entirely be yourself, you're free.
"if you can speak up in a board room where it is most anxiety ridden you can parlay those skills into your personal life, and realize your worth and power in difficult personal conversations too." So. True.




Remy is full of wisdom and hilarity that we can all use. Be sure to check out her podcast, standup and social media!


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