About Us

Vive la Différence

In France we believe in this old phrase. It means ‘long live the difference’ and represents an appreciation and celebration of diversity. This belief has driven the conception of Vodka Mariette; producing a unique imbibing experience unlike any other.

It all started with a délicieux spirit and a bold look. But after spending time serving Mariette, we found there is a larger issue with how the liquor industry operates.

Specifically, from distillery to glass, liquors pass through multiple middlemen. This increases the price to drinkers and makes exciting niche brands more difficult for everyone to find

So we threw aside all of that absurdité and implemented a unique, new tech-enabled supply chain. Now we can provide a the best vodka experience direct to you, from us, wherever you are.

It's unrivaled, uncomplicated & uncostly.

And this is how we earned the name which means, “Little Rebel.” Join us.