Hanny Lerner, of Mod Restoration

Hanny Lerner was born to a Hassidic family in Brooklyn. Similar to Amish, Hassidic children grow up without television, Internet or radio to keep them sheltered from the secular world. Yet Hanny had radical dreams to get out and make a mark in this world. She just didn’t have a clue on how to get there.

Her father, a respected Rabbi, died when she was 16. Her family sent her to boarding school in Ohio, then to a Seminary in Israel, in hopes to make her more religious. At 19, she returned from Israel (after getting thrown out of school for going to the mall) and immediately got married to an ultra orthodox boy.

No matter how hard Hanny tried, she couldn’t let go of her dreams to get out into the world. By the time she was 21, Hanny had ended her marriage, graduated from college, purchased her first investment property, and bought and sold over 40 used cars online. By 23, she sold her property and invested her savings in the stock market. The stock market crashed a year later and Hanny lost in the six-digits. At 24, Hanny had already experienced more in life than most people twice her age.

Having sold her remaining stocks, and accepted a job at a marketing firm to learn what it was like to be an employee. It didn’t take long for Hanny’s entrepreneurial spirit to return, and in 2009 she founded Mod Restoration.

Mod Restoration, like it’s CEO, is constantly evolving. It started out as a furniture repair company, morphed into a high-end reupholstery company, and today provides all types of furniture restoration and custom furniture services. 

Hanny is a great example of an empowered entrepreneur. She thrives on change, something most people are afraid of. Challenges give her a renewed sense of purpose. Her greatest joy is helping other entrepreneurs succeed, through experience sharing and mentoring. If you ask Hanny what she contributes her success to, she'd say persistence and passion, sprinkled with naivete and ignorance. 

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