It’s funny, we all look at the ills of society and wonder… what can we do? However, we already know how to improve the world. You’ve heard many versions of the answer repeated by many infamous personalities. It goes something like, “be the change you wish to see in the world” and “we can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.”

If we each hold ourselves accountable and take action, we can all change the world.

Rebellious Viet N’Guyen is doing just that. Giving back is incorporated into her career running TWO brand strategy and marketing agencies. 'Issa PR' specializes in luxury and philanthropy stories across numerous sectors such as art, culture, music, fashion, entertainment, hospitality, and technology. 'Subculture' is a culturally defining agency that is tackling real world issues like mental health and LGBTQ. Viet's worked with brands such as Vogue Italia, BMW, Fendi, Def Jam, WarnerBros. Records and the UN. She means business.

Who has the time? People that volunteer at animal shelters and read to the elderly are undoubtedly saints; everyone should strive to be like them. But we know you're busy working to establish yourself. Even entertaining a few friends every once in a while is super time-consuming (hello, Vodka Mariette!)." In our office, people are working around the clock to make sure Mariette is 1000% incredible. And trust us, Viet didn't get to working with Fendi by slacking off... 

Make two cocktails with one shaker. Just like we made celebration easier, here's the easiest way to contribute. While doing your hustle, give back simultaneously. For us, highlighting impactful women is part of the Mariette brand DNA. It's who we are and something we will always do- not just for Women's History Month or Women's Entrepreneurship Day. That means while we build something cool, it's also helping others- two cocktails in one shaker. By philanthropy being part of the mission of her agencies, Viet did the same thing.                                                                                      It's very meaningful to give back. I'm particularly proud of the agency, who have donated their time often gratis to help with pro bono clients. We'll continue to give back personally and professionally, and hope to continue raising awareness of important causes (and themes) around the world.

Start by talking to your team. We know few people who aren't excited to change the world with their business mission. And if you work at a large corporation, many already have charitable programs to get involved in. Why not? You're there anyway. Amazing things can happen, like what Viet's accomplished...

The first year at Issa, we did a World Refugee Campaign for orphans in Syria, Palestinian territories, Lebanon, India and the UAE. The second year, we helped to organize a fundraiser to build a school for 900 children in Kenya, who were suffering poverty, abuse and corruption. Last year, we worked with The United Nations to launch their first ever Augmented Reality campaign." ...Show off.

You'll feel amazing for it. In short, it makes the days even more fulfilling and purposeful. And most likely, it's just the first step. This is inspiration to then help out in our own time. As Viet put it,

"It's important for me to give back in any way possible both personally and professionally. The agency - Issa PR and Subculture Agency - does a lot of pro bono work for NGOs and non profits all over the world... Personally I've raised money for Medecins sans Frontiers (Doctors without Borders) and Amnesty International. I also do volunteer work with the homeless in New York at The Bowery Mission and children with cancer at Gilda's Club.”

Incredible. Imagine if we influenced every brand to do this and were all helping while hustlin'. Then picture all the people who also go on to volunteer personally. Thanks for leading the way, Viet. Everyone be sure to keep up with her inspiring philanthropy and influential creativity.


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